Wednesday, February 21, 2018

It's a Flimsy! Blind Man's Fancy

 Blind Man's Fancy
90 x 90
It's a flimsy!

 Blocks finish at 15 inches and the sashing geese finish at 1-1/4 x 2-1/2 . 
I used the free online pattern by Beth Donaldson .  I later acquired the book History Repeated and the pattern instructions are in that book finish at 18 inches if I remember correctly. 
 My February OMG (One Monthly Goal) was to complete all the Flying Geese necessary for the borders and for in between the rows then to assemble the top. I already had the five rows with Flying Geese assembled.  
There are a variety of reasons I make a quilt. This one? I made it because I wasn't sure I could. Of course the fact that a beautiful vintage quilt was the inspiration figured in there somewhere. 

And I have another one in rose and tea themed fabrics in the works.  

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Foothills Quilt QAL

Mary Elizabeth Kinch is hosting a Foothills Quilt QAL.  

A vintage Chain and Bar quilt is the inspiration for the QAL.  I just love vintage quilts and am inspired a lot of times to make a similar quilt. This is one of those times. I decided to use my patriotic fabrics (plus some plaids) because I've challenged myself to use my holiday fabrics this year.  It may even be a Quilt of Valor quilt if I'm able to part with it. 

Block 1 of 25

I'm using Easy Angle rulers to cut the pieces instead of the QAL directions. 

I meant for the Flying Geese to have white body and red corners but I've been making hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of little Flying Geese for my Blind Man's Fancy quilt sashings and they are dark with light corners so I guess I just automatically did the same thing here. (sigh)!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Paths

No, I haven't forgotten that I was making 12 six inch Drunkard's Path blocks each week for 13 weeks in order to move this UFO forward. 

Above are the blocks I made last week. 

 And above are the blocks for this week already.  
And that makes 179 (if I've been counting and adding correctly) blocks of the 224 I'm aiming for. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Purple 2.5 Inch Scraps

This week I used my purple 2.5 inch scraps. 
With the addition of a few six inch HSTs  - some cut from scrap chunks but most left overs from the Parts Department - I used my 2.5 inch purple scraps (and  few yellow and red 2.5 inch scraps) to make lots of little HSTS that ended up in six 10 inch Crazy Lady of the Lake blocks.  This is a RSC project carried over from last year. 

And speaking of (very old) RSC carry over projects...I made a couple of Sprout blocks, a couple of Depression Blocks and had a few HSTs left over for a little Broken Dishes block for the Parts Department. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

In the Pink (Strings)

The last few weeks I've been sorting strings and other scraps.   And I told myself if I'm going to keep these scraps I need to get something made out of them because they definitely take up a lot of space I don't have.  I sorted strings into four separate piles - 
1. pinks and whites
2.  earthy colors - greens, yellows, browns
3. light blues, grays
4. brights

I set aside the brights to use in donation quilts for kids. 

 I'm starting with the pink and white box. I'm surprised I have so many pink scraps but a lot of these were pieces left over from sheets I used for quilt backs for girls.  The nice thing about strings is that they are basically already cut so I don't have to do too much prep work. 

 I have decided to try something new and different with each box of strings.  
 So far I've made some BIG wedge paper foundations and made 16 string wedges.  I haven't trimmed them yet. 

I'm thinking about what to do next.  And I'm thinking I might have enough of this pink polka dot fabric for some pink string centers. 

I work on these a little bit in between working on projects that require more precision like making all those small flying geese for my Blind Man's Fancy sashing or like adding the outside circles to those Boho Roosters or like making a bunch of 2.5 inch scrappy purple HSTs for this week's RSC projects or like sewing up a dozen Drunkard's Path blocks every week.  

In the Pink (Strings) is for break times. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

It's a Finish! Birthday Wishes

 Birthday Wishes
60 x 72

My husband shoveled a path to the clothesline so I could go out and take a few photos now that the weather has warmed up just a little. 

I participated in a Birthday Club several years ago.  Members request a block for their birthday month and I requested any star in 30s reproductions on a blue background.  I was thinking these stars were from two different Birthday Clubs but now that I look at the stars it looks like I made all but about 8 of them. Most of the blocks I received were on solid blue backgrounds. I guess I'm a little wilder. 

My birthday wish was a Star sampler.  I don't know what took me so long to get this together since I only needed one more star to make a total of 30. 

I did variable width straight line quilting on my DSM in a variegated blue thread. 

 I was afraid to begin with that when the lines were closer together the quilt would be stiff. It's not.  I used a light weight 100% polyester batting and maybe that's why?  Most of the time I use Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 and I'm thinking that's a little heavier and might have made it stiffer.  Anyway, it all worked out and I like it a lot. 
For the backing I used a gingham that's a little wrinkly like seersucker but it's not seersucker. 


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Four Place Mats

Four Halloween themed placemats
12 x 18

In an effort to use my holiday fabrics this year (a Holiday Cheer Challenge) I made these place mats out of scraps for my Halloween loving daughter - family of four.  Her daughter, my granddaughter, was born on Halloween.  They love to decorate (I don't) and collect a lot of vintage Halloween items. The cat fabric in the center of the stars is a small feedsack piece my daughter found at a garage sale.  

I used some bigger print scraps for the back sides, zigzagged together little bits of batting and quilted with some loops and stars on my DSM (the other day when I quilted Cattywampus). I didn't have any  Halloween pieces big enough to use for binding so found an orange dotty fabric.  And since I prefer binding sewn down by hand that's what I did. 

Now back to dreaming of spring.